2022 TOP 10 Taiwanese Snacks & Desserts can buy online | Freshest from Taiwan to Singapore

Miss a lot Taiwan’s snacks & desserts?Now you can satisfy your Taiwan snack cravings in Singapore! From the MUST try taiwanese pastry Pineapple cake to trending snacks Hi walk egg rolls, lots of popular Taiwan snacks now can easily buy online with Taiwan local prices! Without leaving Singapore, you can get the freshest Taiwanese food directly shipping from Taiwan. We’re going to introduce you the TOP 10 Taiwanese snacks & desserts you should definitely try! Let’s go unbox these delicious, tasty, and flavorful Taiwanese food.

  1. Pineapple Cakes 鳳梨酥
  2. Pineapple Cakes With Egg Yolk 鳳黃酥
  3. Nougat 牛軋糖
  4. Nougat Crackers 牛軋餅
  5. Taro Pastry 芋頭酥
  6. Egg Rolls 蛋捲
  7. Instant Noodles 乾拌麵
  8. Dried fruit & vegetables 蔬果乾
  9. Old school & classic dessert 傳統甜點
  10. Tea & beverage 茶和飲料

1. Pineapple Cakes 鳳梨酥

A MUST try Taiwanese Pastry

One of the best pastry souvenir in Taiwan, it’s addictive, thin crust, generous filling, soft, non-sticky, and with a single bite you will be able to taste just how delicate and delicious it is! This Taiwan snack in Singapore makes for a great afternoon treat or even a gift for your friends & relatives!

Chia Te Bakery 佳德糕餅

Original Pineapple Cake 6 pcs

Chia Te Bakery 佳德糕餅-Original Pineapple Cake 6 pcs
🛒 Shop Now NT$ 224(≈SGD 11)

Pan’s Cake 小潘蛋糕坊

Traditional Pineapple Pastry 12 pcs

Pan's Cake 小潘蛋糕坊-Traditional Pineapple Pastry 12 pcs
🛒 Shop Now NT$ 350(≈SGD 17)

2. Pineapple Cakes With Egg Yolk 鳳黃酥

Ideal aromatic and salty flavor

The selected egg yolks, and wrapped in sweet pineapple filling, exude a strong natural flavor, and the rich taste is endless. For vegetarians who enjoy eggs and dairy products also can try this yum yum Taiwanese pastry.


Pineapple Cake with Egg Yolk (10 pcs)

YU JAN SHIN 裕珍馨-Pineapple Cake with Egg Yolk (10 pcs)
🛒 Shop Now NT$275(≈SGD 13)


Pineapple Cake with Egg Yolk (5 pcs)

VIGOR KOBO 維格餅家-Pineapple Cake with Egg Yolk (5 pcs)
🛒 Shop Now NT$190(≈SGD 9)

3.Nougat 牛軋糖

Traditional Taiwanese candy

Taiwanese Nougat is a traditional Taiwanese candy with almonds. The texture ranges from chewy to soft to almost crunchy. Taiwanese Nougat is sweet, nutty, chewy, and milky all at the same time. Nowadays, there are nougats with almonds, craisins, blueberries, coffee flavored, chocolate flavored, the list goes on and on.

Sugar & Spice 糖村

QA02-15 Fashion Gift (French Nougat, Matcha Nougat, Strawberry Nougat)

Sugar & Spice 糖村-QA02-15 Fashion Gift (French Nougat, Matcha Nougat, Strawberry Nougat)
🛒 Shop Now NT$595(≈SGD 28)

Cherry Grandfather 櫻桃爺爺

Bubble Milk Tea Nougat × 2 packs

Cherry Grandfather 櫻桃爺爺-Bubble Milk Tea Nougat × 2 packs
🛒 Shop Now NT$605(≈SGD 29)

4. Nougat Crackers 牛軋餅

Sweet and salty Taiwanese snack

Nougat Crackers usually made from salty scallion soda biscuit, with the creamy and smooth filling which uses the slightly sweetness to reaches a scrumptious balance between the crispy, crust and chewy taste. The sweet and salty snack makes your lip smacking!

Saint Peter 聖比德

Nougat Crackers Set E (Coffee, Green Onion, Chocolate, Plum), 4 box/set

Saint Peter 聖比德-Nougat Crackers Set E (Coffee, Green Onion, Chocolate, Plum), 4 box/set
🛒 Shop Now NT$600(≈SGD 28)

Daheyson Salico大黑松小倆口

Nougat Sandwich

Daheyson Salico大黑松小倆口-Nougat Sandwich
🛒 Shop Now NT$120(≈SGD 6)

5. Taro Pastry 芋頭酥

Taro lover must try

Taro is a popular ingredient in Taiwan, and Taiwanese love to incorporate it within their desserts. Which is why, taro pastry is a hit among the locals and the tourists! This is definitely one of the famous snack you find everywhere in Taiwan.

Ah Tsung Shih 阿聰師

Ah-Tsung Shih Taro Pastry 6 pieces

Ah-Tsung Shih 阿聰師-Ah-Tsung Shih Taro Pastry 6 pieces
🛒 Shop Now NT$360(≈SGD 17)

Tachia Master 大甲師

Lava Custard Taro Pastry

Tachia Master-Lava Custard Taro Pastry
🛒 Shop Now NT$300(≈SGD 14)

6. Egg Rolls 蛋捲

Trendy Taiwan dessert

Different from Taiwan traditional egg rolls, the new style egg rolls tend to be more thicker, crisp and have variety of fillings. These Taiwanese snacks have become Taiwan’s signature souvenir item and are simply a must-try for anyone traveling to Taiwan!

Fuyuan 新竹福源花生醬

Egg rolls (Peanut butter & Sesame jam )

Fuyuan 新竹福源花生醬-Egg rolls (Peanut butter & Sesame jam )
🛒 Shop Now NT$400(≈SGD 19)


70% Chocolate Egg Rolls × 2 box

Hiwalk-70% Chocolate Egg Rolls × 2 box
🛒 Shop Now NT$960(≈SGD 45)

7. Instant Noodles 乾拌麵

Well-known Taiwanese Souvenir

Apart from freshly Taiwanese pastry and dessert, Taiwan instant noodles are also highly sought-after. Just 5 mins cooking the instant noodles,and the taste will bring you to Taiwan immediately !

Mom’s Dry Noodle 老媽拌麵

Tan Tan Noodles

 Mom's Dry Noodle 老媽拌麵-Tan Tan Noodles
🛒 Shop Now NT$185(≈SGD 9)

大師兄 銷魂麵舖

Spicy Noodle Dry instant Noodle SET
Noodle (Thin) x2, Noodle (Thick) x2, Noodle (Peanut & Sesame) x2

大師兄 銷魂麵舖-Spicy Noodle Dry instant Noodle SET
Noodle (Thin) x2, Noodle (Thick) x2, Noodle (Peanut & Sesame) x2
🛒 Shop Now NT$450(≈SGD 21)

8. Dried fruit & vegetables 蔬果乾

Healthy and yummy Taiwanese Snack

Taiwan is known by many as the “Kingdom of Fruit.”, countless varieties of delicious, sweet fruit available year-round. You can enjoy the fresh fruits while travel in Taiwan, besides you can also have delicious dried Taiwan fruit & vegetables in Singapore!

Thankyou Nuts 謝謝堅果

Taiwan Irwin Dried Mango

Thankyou Nuts 謝謝堅果-Taiwan Irwin Dried Mango
🛒 Shop Now NT$380(≈SGD 18)


Dried Mushroom 30g × 6 packs

愛D菇-Dried Mushroom 30g × 6 packs
🛒 Shop Now NT$450(≈SGD 21)

9. Old school & classic dessert 傳統甜點

Childhood memories of Taiwanese

These old school & classic desserts not just an ideal Taiwan gift/souvenir but also a precious, sweet memory shared between Taiwanese friends and family.

Jiu Zhen Nan 舊振南

Jujube Walnut Nougat x 2 packs

Jiu Zhen Nan 舊振南-Jujube Walnut Nougat x 2 packs
🛒 Shop Now NT$580(≈SGD 27)

Li Ting Xiang 李亭香

Mung Bean Cake x 2 boxes

Li Ting Xiang 李亭香-Mung Bean Cake x 2 boxes
🛒 Shop Now NT$590(≈SGD 28)

10. Tea & beverage 茶和飲料

Experience Taiwan’s tea culture

When one talks about Taiwan, mostly will related to the internationally known Taiwanese beverage bubble milk tea. Bubble milk tea was invented in 1980s in Taiwan and, over the past three decades, has proceeded to do nothing less than take over the world. Besides Bubble milk tea, Taiwan also produced high quality tea such as oolong tea, black tea, green tea and white tea.

Wu-Tsang Treasure 無藏嚴選

Blossom tea 會開花的茶 x 6 packs

Wu-Tsang Treasure 無藏嚴選-Blossom tea 會開花的茶 x 6 packs
🛒 Shop Now NT$699(≈SGD 33)

3:15pm 3點1刻

Brown sugar jelly bubble milk tea

3:15pm 3點1刻-Brown sugar jelly bubble milk tea
🛒 Shop Now NT$420(≈SGD 20)

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